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The Issue of Food

discussing food and meal supplies

Hunger, a natural response to a body's need for nutrition. That is the normal biological system that is at work for those who are able to access a meal when the feeling arises.

For many in Brantford and countless other communities in Canada, the US and virtually every nation on earth the opportunity for a regular meal is not an option. People find they have to rely on meal programs, soup kitchens and food banks to meet basic needs.

In the city of Brantford it is possible for individuals and families struggling with poverty to obtain food almost every day of the month. There are several locations where regular meals are provided to as many as 200 individuals per meal, but even these are spotty as several days of the month are missed. For those days it might be possible for one to access a pantry or a food bank to pick up modest supplies wherwith to provide a personal meal, or more correctly put, to fill up with something, usually pasta with or without sauce, and rarely with meat.

The biggest problem in our community is that there is not really enough good food to go around. You might ask how anyone can do anything about this problem, a solution is closer than you know. Every supermarket has food, indentified as shrinkage, just going out of date, that gets put into bins and in such a way that it is not retrievable. One solution to this has been legislated in France where it has become illegal for supermarkets to throw food away at the possible expense of being fined. They are expected to enter into agreements with food service providers for pick up of the otherwise waste materials. The link below will connect you to the article explaining the process.

Other legislative changes might be required to free donors from legal liability related to expired and nearly expired foods. The Good Samaritan law in Ontario may need to be amended to include the provision of food.

As a community we need to begin a dialogue to drive positive change in this area.

What do you think?


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Posted by: Rien VandenEnden


Diane Baltaz
February 17, 2017 2:15PM
There are too many political and other systemic factors working against us. It would help if the general public and many politicians would realize that food is plentiful (ie, Food Basics Sales, etc.) and that Good Food is NOT cheap, esp. if you live below the Living Wage. I do We need constructive options that can be discussed -- and acted upon.
February 16, 2017 5:55PM
It would be wonderful to see food going to people who need it instead of being thrown away.

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