Shelter Results for 2016

individuals served - 376

new first time guests - 250

83 indigenous guests

68 Female guests

308 Male guests

40 Seniors (age 55 and older)

occupancy rate 52 % (6885 bed nights)

open for 365 days in 2016

492 volunteer shifts covered

Support this year came from:

Ontario, for the shelter

Federal Govt,  for Resource Centre

City of Brantford

Coldest Night of the Year walkathon

Raising the roof

Brant United Way

Brant Community Foundation


Hope CRC

Farringdon Community Church

George Hatton

Other private donors


BWIRC was successful in finding personal rental spaces for over 1/3 of our guests. 8 guests were connected with rehab services, a number of guests used the services of onsite employment counselling as well as addiction counselling.

Local addiction groups meet at our location weekly (AA and NA) as well as a men's abuse recovery group. CMHA operates support groups in our facility and our staff also operated a support group.

BWIRC is able to provide donated clothing to shelter guests on an as needed basis.

BWIRC operates a daytime drop in every Wednesday and Friday from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM which includes a lunch and learn program. The lunch and learn program is used to educate community and shelter guests about local community agencies and services.